Krušče Creative Center is managed by the Studio for the Research on the Art of Acting. Studio holds most of Its activities at the Center.

Studio is devoted to artistic, educational, research, and residency activities in the field of arts, realising numerous international projects (co-productions, research and educational programs, artistic exchanges and residencies) and hosted a number of distinguished artists and cultural professionals from all over the world.

Our mission is to support, nurture and provide space and safe environment for creation, research, education and residency, while encouraging connection between artists and people from different professions, generations, local and national environments, that are creative in the broader sense of the word, linking art and its practice with lifelong learning.

At the beginning of the 21st century the global society is entering a new renaissance; the new technology is advancing exponentially and the world is changing faster than ever, which calls for versatile, open-minded and critical, sensitive and well-grounded individuals that will consciously form lasting communities, directed towards inclusivity, wellbeing and environmental sustainability. Our inspiration are alternative forms of education, such as Black Mountain College; its founders believed that the study and practice of art were the core of liberal arts education.