Krušče Creative Center stretches through few plots of land with six buildings. The property is being renovated since 2006 and has almost 1000 m2 of spaces for group work and accommodation. The renovation has been a process of artistic directors with architects, students of scenic design and other collaborators to establish spaces and landscapes that respect the cultural heritage, but are also contemporary and homey. They are unique, aesthetically combining simplicity, functionality, and art while recycling/reusing materials found at the estate.

GENERAL RESIDENCY is an artistic residency for creatives from different fields. The program offers artists space and time to focus exclusively on their work and creative process, with the possibility of an exchange through encounters with the group of co-residents that is being created in which different perspectives, ways of working and presumptions can be questioned and reflected.

Krušče creative center is located in a remote natural setting where creative isolation is possible. One can dedicate one’s time to be involved in the process of reflection, training/preparation, research or creation. Sometimes the most important and necessary thing is to stop: to drop all expectation and pressure to do, produce or create. Krušče is also a place for that.

The general residency is an open/empty space and the center doesn’t structure time and work for the residents. It offers accommodation, working space and on occasions food. With enough residents present and interested it also offers curated artistic events, artistic coaching/mentorship, workshops/classes etc. The participation in these activities is voluntary.

The call for residencies is open throughout the year. For info write to


“Studio” is a house where the studio is located. It’s on the ground floor, size 6×10 m and is also used as a performing space. It has a little library, sound system, projector and a screen, possibility for theatre lights to be hanged and comfy sofas. Ajoining the studio is a small/tea kitchen with all the necessary equipment to prepare food and a bathroom. The upper floor 12×8 m is a loft that can comfortably accommodate up to four people. It has a big working table, a hammock and a home library. The house is heated with a fire place (wood pallets).

“The little house” is the residency house. The house with funky wallpaper. It can host up to 12 people. Ground floor has two private “booths” for sleeping (french size bed in each), two toilets and a bathroom with two showers. Second floor has a fully equiped kitchen and a bedroom with kingsize bed and ajoining private bathroom. Both kitchen and bedroom have an exit to a balcony. The attic has 8 single beds and a balcony under the old chesnut tree. The house is heated with IR electric panels.

“The big house” is the heart of the property. The ground floor has a big communal kitchen where everyone can meet, cook, eat and hang out. The central corridor was made into a tiny club with a little stage where concerts, performances, exhibitions or other events can be held. There is also a studio appartement on the ground floor. It can accommodate two adults and two kids. Apartment 10×5 m has a private bathroom and is suitable for longer residencies. It is big enough to do creative work such as writing, composing, preparing/researching for a project etc. The basement of the house has a boiler room, laundry room, a toilet, a shower room and a little spa consisting of steam sauna and a bath/pool.

“The barn” is a summer workshop and performance space.

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Krušče Creative Center is a family friendly residency providing a crib for babies, high chair for toddlers, toys, children’s books and lots of dynamic playground area all around the property.

“Studio” is the above mentioned working space with accommodation possibility.

In the summertime there are plenty of possibilities to work outside in the natural setting (fruit orchard, grass fields, nearby forest) and especially in the open barn (6×12 m).

Creative work is possible also at the little club, ground floor apartment and the kitchen of the big house.

Photo by Žiga Koritnik

Every house has its own internet connection.

The Studio has special floor that is suited for movement work.

One can apply all year long by sending a simple e-mail to

We welcome professional artists from all fields, all places and all stages of their artistic path.

You can find Krušče Creative Center in the database of artists residencies Transartists, ResArtists , Microresidence Network and in Motovila’s base AiR of artists residency programs in Slovenia as well.


  • Guest room Maribor (international team of artists and curators developing a project)
  • Laura Kutkaitè (theatre director, Lithuania)
  • Snježana Premuš (choreographer, Slovenia)
  • Tina Valentan (dancer, Slovenia)
  • Ida Hiršenfelder (sound artist, Slovenia)
  • Krušče Lab 2023 (Anja Novak, Carlo Zoratti, Serena Marziale, Anuša Kodelja)
  • Friday group residency 2023 (Elena Vanni, Elena Dragonetti, Marija Kandić, Špela Huzjak, Lovro Zafred, Marina Rosso, Astrid Casali)
  • Team of actors from Ivanov Frankivsk working on a Destinyation project (theatre, Ukraine)
  • Team of actors from Timisoara working on a Destinyation project (theatre, Romania)
  • Dejan Srhoj and his improvisation group (dance, Slovenia)
  • 9th international philosophical symposium of Miklavž Ocepek (philosophy, international team)
  • creative team and actors of a film in the making about performance Seagull and film crew of Vertigo production (theatre/ film, Slovenia& Sebia& Montenegro& Hungary)
  • Gregor Kamnikar, Tina Janežič, Gergely Dózsa (experimental theatre, Slovenia&Hungary)
  • PhD students and professors of stage design from University of Novi Sad, department for art and design (stage design, Serbia)
  • Ela Vasiilescu (writer, Italy)
  • Lori Hetherington (translator&writer, Italy)
  • Koala Voice (music, Slovenia)
  • Anna Rabko (designer, Ukraine)
  • Ihor and Andrei Nesmiianov (painter&designer, Ukraine)
  • Damjan Kozole & OHO group (residency and filming of the documentary about OHO group)
  • Alexandra Rab and the team (dance, Hungary)
  • Friday Group residency 2022 (art&psychodrama, international participants)
  • Christina Zurhausen &Ramon Keck (music, Germany)
  • Branko Hojnik (architecture/scenography, Slovenia)
  • Taste of Krušče residency (Jasna Jasna Žmak, Willemijn Debets, Kristina Kapeljuh, Đorđe Nešović, Bojan Maraž, Chiara Duchi, Adorján Beáta, Zsolt Benedek, Vlado G. Repnik, Petja Golec Horvat, Marko Rafolt)
  • Simó Emese (theatre, Hungary)
  • Kristijan Krajnčan, Tomaž Gajšt, Boštjan Simon, Robert Jukič, Žigan Krajnčan, Kristyna Šajtošova, Bor Prokofjev, Nataša Zavolovšek (music-dance, international)
  • Sue Daniels, Ted Bugarski (psychodrama, Australia)
  • Mirjana Medojević (playwright/director, Montenegro)
  • Boris Isaković, Denes Debrei, Filip Djurić, Sretan Mokrović, Leon Lučev (theatre, Serbia/Croatia/Hungary)
  • Nataša Živkovič, Tea Hvala (theatre/dance, Slovenia)