From 2021, Studio for the Research on the Art of Acting is part of the international project “The Ways of the Heroes”, which explores the question of the power of the individual in relation to the environmental crisis through various artistic practices such as theater, film, literature and visual art. The project aims to encourage individual environmental activism and create ecologically aware communities.

The main partner of the project is the Macedonian National Theater from Skopje, in cooperation with partners from Italy (La Dramaturgie), Greece (Loop), Slovenia (Studio for the Research on the Art of Acting), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Studio Teatar), Serbia (Eho Animato) and North Macedonia (Gavroche Books). The project is co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union. 

On Wednesday, 19th of April starting at 6pm the documentary film “The Ways of the Heroes” will be screened at the Krušče Creative Center. The film reveals the stories of twelve people from six European countries, who challenge the belief that the change can be achieved only by extreme steps and encourage us to think about our own contribution to the environment.

(…)Dragana Katic from Serbia initiates and organizes large clean-ups in and around Belgrade, Hristina Karaleka from Greece collects old varieties of seeds, Elmedina Abdulahi together with citizens of Tetovo stopped the major factory from polluting, Tea Nikolić organizes forestation in cities in Serbia, Salvatore Fosci cleaned the ancient Etruscan pyramid in Italy using only hand tools, designer Maja Modrijan from Slovenia reveals how we can dress responsibly, Silvo Rozman maintains a biodynamics farm in Slovenia(…).

Omnibus “Ways of the Heroes” was produced by the Eho Animato art collective and creative team includes Ana Konstantinović (director), Tamara Baračkov (screenwriter), Milovan Ilić (director of photography), Marija Kovačina (editor) and Željko Maksimović (assistant director).

You can watch the trailer at the link:

On the same occasion, the illustrated book for children The Wind’s Tale written by Nika Gavrovska and illustrated by Nataša Andonova from North Macedonia will be presented. The narrative of the book and the illustrations that will be exhibited, represent the process of transformation of twelve documentary characters mentioned above through a fictional mirror. 

You can read more about the international project “Ways of Heroes” at:

The project is co-financed by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union as well as by the Ministry of Public Administration of Slovenia.