BODIES, SPACES, CURRENTS, WORLDS are encounters at Krušče Creative Center, where art connects to other fields through workshops, lectures, talks and artistic events.

little festival of psychodrama welcomes all who wish to explore their creativity – everyday, personal or interpersonal, career, artistic or psychotherapeutic one. Previous experiences in psychodrama are not needed.

With inspiring guests from various fields Little festivals focus on diversity of perspectives, group work in experiential workshops, sharing art that becomes special and precious in these conditions, and on spontaneous formation of a temporary community.

Short research and education retreats are a hatchery of creative processes, dedicated not only to the artists, but to all who wish to better understand themselves and others.

Bodies, Worlds 2021 (by: Hana Vodeb)
Spaces, Currents 2021 (by Hana Vodeb)
little festivals 2022 (by Hana Vodeb)