Krušče Creative Center provides a well needed space of inspiration and a place where art has its value, purpose and meaning. It creates conditions where cutting-edge art meets other fields. We curate content in the fields of performing and other arts, psychodrama, education and group work.

The beauty and the calm of the surrounding nature and the place add to the human and creative encounters that are meaningful and long lasting. Extraordinary art is shared in the most ordinary, human way by creating temporary communities where creativity, curiosity, vulnerability and connectedness are nourished. As one friend of Krušče said: “It helps me keep my faith in humanity.”

Krušče Creative Center is artistically let by Tomi Janežič, a theatre director and psychodrama psychotherapist and Katja Legin, a dancer/performer and choreographer. They live on the property with their two sons. Guests, be that the collaborators, residents or different groups, are treated as friends.

The activities of the Center include:

  • production, creation and sharing of art
  • little festivals BODIES SPACES CURRENTS WORLDS in the summer
  • residencies for artists, researchers and scholar
  • psychodrama work (monthly group, workshops, little festival of psychodrama)
  • rentals of the property for groups


The road that brings one to Krušče today and stops at the forest used to be the main road from the hills to the valley. The wealthy homestead was trading with wood and kept an inn. The property’s main building (now called the big house) was build in 1893 and after the Second World War it was used also as a school. Another house at the property was a shop. Later the road was build lower down and Krušče became a remote and peaceful place by the forest with only 12 inhabitants.


Krušče is in the middle of a triangle between Rakitna, Nova Vas and Cerknica. It’s an hour drive with a car to Ljubljana’s and Triest’s airport. It’s surrounded by Inner- Carniola woods and close to natural and other sights, just up to 15 min away from three lakes (Bloke lake, Rakitna and Cerknica lake). Walking or biking one can go to the waterfalls in the upper part of Pekel (Brezovica at Borovnica), to Sveta Trojica (where Martin Krpan, a famous literary and historic figure was born), to Bloke or Slivnica hilltop. Above Krušče, just by the E7 European long distance path (Sveti Vid), there is a hidden little waterfall called Gora (Mountain).


Tomi Janežič is a Slovenian theatre director and a psychodrama psychotherapist. For many years he was a professor of theatre directing at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film, and Television in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and a visiting professor at Universities in different countries. As an artist he presented his work at some of the most prominent international theatre festivals in more then twenty countries around Europe, Russia, and USA (Wiener Festwochen, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Golden mask, New European Theatre, Bitef, Mess, Eurokaz, Fabbrica Europa, Heddaprisen, Theorem Meeting – Festival Avignon etc.) and has received more then fifty mostly international recognitions and awards, among them the most important national prizes in Slovenia and the highest national theatre nominations or awards in nine different countries, including Russia, Lithuania, Norway, Italy, Croatia, Serbia etc.
Janežič is an internationally recognised expert in the field of acting creative techniques. His work is known among other things for the application of psychodrama and group analysis in creative processes. He has been the artistic director of the Studio for Research on the Art of Acting since 1996 and artistic co-director of Krušče Creative Center in Slovenia  and has conducted dozens of workshops internationally.

Designed by Anna Rabko, part of Love letter to Krušče

Katja Legin (1985) works in the field of performing arts primarily as a performer/dancer and author, but she has also participated in various creative processes in very diverse roles – as dramaturg, choreographer, external eye, mentor, professor, writer, curator. Over the years, she has collaborated with most of the important authors working in performing arts in Slovenia. For many years she was interested in improvisation and the question of presence, performative qualities and skills. She initiated No!training Lab (2012-2016), a laboratory where a group of performers were exploring these topics. In 2015 her MA thesis was published as a book titled Dualities: Performer and his work. In 2017 she received special Ksenija Hribar award for her outstanding performative work, her work on the book and No!training Lab. In recent years she created works that evolve around the female roles, family and the position of a woman – artist, often combining fictional material (sourced form short stories) and biographical elements. Her performances were invited to various festivals and toured in the region.

Designed by Anna Rabko, part of Love letter to Krušče

Petra Hazabent finished her diploma at the University of Ljubljana – department Science of Culture. Later on she finished specialization at the first EU curatorial study program “Kuratieren in den szenischenKünsten” between University of Salzburg and LMU München and for this she was appointed with a full Allianz Kulturstiftung stipendium (2017). In the last 10 years she has worked as a creative producer, curator and cultural policy researcher and in 2005 she was part of the team that established the first International Festival of Experimental Move Nagib in Maribor, Slovenia. In 2013 a new Association for Cultural Production and Affirmation of Artistic Processes NAGIB was established for which she is still artistic director. For all these and many other projects she has realized until now she received in 2015 a national KsenijaHribar award for special achievements as a producer in the field of contemporary performing arts. Besides working as a curator and producer she gained knowledge and experiences also in researching cultural policy models in the EU, which she implemented in different studies for the non-governmental sector in the field of culture and art.

She collaborates with Krušče Creative Center as a producer and organiser.

Portreti iz Shoreditcha - Vilinsko mesto
Photo by Mike Crawford


We have established a fund to finance residencies for both young and established artists from all artistic disciplines at the Krušče Creative Centre, thus contributing to the development of their creative potential.

For more information about how you can contribute to the fund or apply for funding, write us to: info@krusce.si.


We are members of the community of partners of New European Bauhaus.

“The New European Bauhaus is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative, convening a space of encounter to design future ways of living, situated at the crossroads between art, culture, social inclusion, science and technology. It brings the Green Deal to our living places and calls for a collective effort to imagine and build a future that is sustainable, inclusive and beautiful for our minds and for our souls.”

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