Reprises of A HOUSE A HOME @ Krušče

The date for the first spring reprise is Saturday, April 13th at 7pm. You can already reserve your place at There is only 25 places available.

We are planning reprises also on Friday, May 10th and 31st. (but rather come already in April)

Photo by: Marcandrea

“Perhaps the best key to entering the multi-layered performance is provided by the element that at first seems the most arbitrary in its inclusion, an excerpt from Opening Night (1977) projected on the screen. Nowhere in the film is it explicitly explained, but the judiciously chosen excerpt quickly clarifies Legin’s interest. Director John Cassavetes, with his partner and actress Gena Rowlands, made films that were more attentive to women’s experience of the world than his contemporaries. Rowlands herself, however, never glossed over the latter – tragic as they were – in her approach to creating and embodying her characters. Instead of playing them as victims, she imbued them all with the dignity that unenviable situations deserve. Like Legin, she found strength in powerlessness.”
(Dancing behind the bars of expectations, Metod Zupan, Kritika, 15.1. 2024)

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