OPEN CALL for spring group residencies

Photo by: Žiga Koritnik

ARTISTIC GROUP RESIDENCY is intended for groups of artists who work together, artistic groups or collectives who would like to dedicate their time solely to the artistic work they are pursuing. Krušče Creative Center provides an inspiring space where a group of artists can live and work together surrounded by nature and in good working condition.
We invite groups and collectives who are in the beginning of the process, in the phase of brainstorming or research as well as those who are already deep into the work and need some focused time to finalise it.
The spaces we can offer are the most suitable for performative arts, but can also be of use for any other art mediums.
We do not expect any forms of presentation or sharing of the work in the time of the residency, though that can be arranged if the artists desires so.

SPRING GROUP RESIDENCIES can happen from April 21st to June 21st 2024, they can last from minimum 4 days to up to 3 weeks.

For info and application:

You can find more about it here:

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