Krušče Creative Center is dedicated to the artistic research, creation, residency and education. It grew from a vision of one person and became a place many call their creative home. It supports, nourishes and hosts different forms of creativity on one hand, and on the other produces, shares and reflects extraordinary art.

Photo by Marcandrea

Krušče Creative Center is a creative property in the hills of Slovenia near Cerknica developing into a small art village where art is being created, shown and discussed. It is a place of meaningful encounters with rarely combined worlds and perspectives, a space of inter-professional, inter-generational, inter-local and inter-national bridgings. Its regular activities include also research and educational programs in psychodrama and psychotherapy, as well as pedagogy and other fields that include group work.

Krušče Creative Center is being appreciated for its remote position and the nature that surrounds it. It combines the possibility of retreating into creative solitude in the middle of nature and simultaneous access to motorway connections, the capital and the borders with Croatia and Italy. It nurtures hospitality and long term collaborations. Guests are treated as friends and most of them return to continue to be part of centre’s activities. It is becoming recognized and valued as an important space for investigation and reflection of creativity in Slovenia as well as internationally.

An important part of Krušče’s program is a series of little festivals SPACES, BODIES, CURRENTS and WORLDS and Little Festival of Psychodrama – five days creative/educational/research retreats that explore creation of temporary communities through experiential workshops, lectures, talks and sharing art in a new context.

Video footage from The Ways of the Heroes project workshop, little festivals BODIES WORLDS SPACES CURRENTS and little festival of psychodrama 2021.

Guests: Maja Alvanović, Cynthia Ashperger, Sue Daniel, Deneš Debrei, Radivoje Dinulović, Davor Džalto, Tomaž Flajs, Tomaž Grom, Branko Hojnik, Tomi Janežič, Janez Janša, Lada Kaštelan, Matej Kejžar, Bill Key, Mala Kline, Aleksandar Kostić, Manca Košir, Kristijan Krajnčan, Katja Legin, Marko Mandić, Igor Matković, Vili Matula, Vladimir Milošević, Hedva Novich, Lan Pečjak, Herman Pivk, Alan Powell, Snježana Premuš, Matej Recer, Marina Rosso, Thomas Richards and Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards, Emese Simó, Marko Uršič, Kerstin Wagner, Gregor Zorc and Ernest Ženko.